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The world is really small....

Guess who is my neighbour?

The famous Eric Kuah!!!

And wah lan the Armin Van Buuren's Burned with desire track (rising star remix) is how seh!
Let me be the first to comment. It's a great track. And guess how I found out the song... Does piggywiggy ring a bell? ;)
you downloaded this remix.. it's super power man!

and yes i noe... i followed piggywiggy's posts... and yeah ... abt his signature thingy rite? =)
Who is he??? *scratches head*
hahaha only a select doomed group of people will know him... he's a former drag queen who (think) she looks like fann wong!... totally harmless guy... can be irritating (very) at times.. and my... he's now a SPG and his IQ level is like ... 0?
Fann Wong? which part of her butt?

that's why he underwent alot of surgeries to his face...
known as the mikey jackson of the east!
i have completely NO idea who he is.
as mentioned.. i dun expect everyone to know who he is... but he is someone very notorious in the AJ circle!!!!
(Deleted comment)
hahaha he owned 5-6 puppies and he gave them all away... somewat a nutcase!
eerr....who's that huh?
michael jackson from the east! from singapore to melbourne! hahahaha
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS.. HAHAHA. Me saw him in singapore the other day, got a shock of my life. haha
can you believe it..... the world is so small... he's supposed to be living just beside me but he moved to an apartment downstairs.... oh ... and timmy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wat's your no.????
ask him how is alex.
u noe him 2???? which alex??
eric kuah's twin brother, u bengster mother.
i am actually the father.... but you can call me anything you want....

eric where got twin bro?? it's not the model twins lar... not the eric and alex model twins..
this is another eric
oh. ok.
oh wow! Fann East Jackson?!?! So does he/she still drag? very the 'American Beauty' pose hor?
oh yes.. when i met him in his apartment, he was puttin on mascara and collagen... aiyoh.. yes he still drag very much ... scarily hahaha
Try Armin Van Buuren's remix of janerio...

Solid sessions - Janerio (Armin Van Buuren remix)
oh oh ok ok .. hope it's trippy haha
EWWWWWWWWWWWW... grossness of gross!!!!!
oh yeah and i heard you dated him b4? hahahaha
excuse me!?!??! dun make me sick!!!!!!!!

anyways u did him before in an orgy wat... dare to say... :P
yeah lor!!! i mean!! it's all your fault that you invited HIM to the orgy and no one else wants to sleep with me!!!! =(