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I really wonder how long does one take to understand a foreign accent with ease.

I can't help but laugh to myself when I heard the word "VAGINA" from my classmate's presentation. In the midst of the confusion ( and amusement ), I lost track of what's happening and erm. like duh.

Doesn't help that I am getting deaf. Or maybe retarded.
ooooo~ you should stop thinking dirty. bad for monkey brains. rot faster.
i dun think dirty!! even if i am thinking dirty i should've hurt something else like penis or erm.. watever. you noe.. hahahah

and you dun say i think dirty.. you are worse!
dirty is as dirty does! DIRTY! ::kick::

and why would you wanna hurt penises? :)
naughty naughty!!
erm... cos penises are evil ?
quick! donate yours! salvation army has a current shortage!
mine is the ultimate holy one.. cannot...
monkey's penises are diff from others....

we are meant to be celibate and erm chaste
yours isnt a legendary artifact!!
got no power one ::takes and attempt and shoot with it::
NOTHING!! ::throws::

maybe you aint celibate after all.
O_o ok. yours is the artifact...

::goes play with more-fun-dildo:: hehe
enjoy yourself!!!!!

size queen bleah!