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I really wonder how long does one take to understand a foreign accent with ease.

I can't help but laugh to myself when I heard the word "VAGINA" from my classmate's presentation. In the midst of the confusion ( and amusement ), I lost track of what's happening and erm. like duh.

Doesn't help that I am getting deaf. Or maybe retarded.
i think you are just laughing cause he said the word:P
no... the problem is SHE did not the use the word vagina... geddit? she couldnt have used vagina.. it's something else... and i dunno what it is.. it sounded like vagina to me yeah??
ooooo~ you should stop thinking dirty. bad for monkey brains. rot faster.
i dun think dirty!! even if i am thinking dirty i should've hurt something else like penis or erm.. watever. you noe.. hahahah

and you dun say i think dirty.. you are worse!
dirty is as dirty does! DIRTY! ::kick::

and why would you wanna hurt penises? :)
naughty naughty!!
erm... cos penises are evil ?
quick! donate yours! salvation army has a current shortage!
mine is the ultimate holy one.. cannot...
monkey's penises are diff from others....

we are meant to be celibate and erm chaste
yours isnt a legendary artifact!!
got no power one ::takes and attempt and shoot with it::
NOTHING!! ::throws::

maybe you aint celibate after all.
(Deleted comment)
i can NEVER speak like that not becos i dun want to... it's becos my singaporean accent is just too diff to get rid of. and i am like how pleased to speak in singlish can? hahaha

(Deleted comment)
life's VERY BORING!!!!
everyday staying at home.. so sad rite?
can't wait for three yrs to be over sigh
(Deleted comment)
i am living in the city itself but then it gets so boring after awhile!!! hey hey do visit me lar when you are here =P
(Deleted comment)
i am not too sure yet.... shld be going back.. either mid july or whatever.... see how lor.. will keep u updated!
hello there, i added you to my friend's list - so it's easier to keep track of journals. hope you don't mind.-nomis
hey... of course i dun mind... welcome welcome!!!! =)
Oh.. that remind me of another incident happened long time ago in a tutorial class.. there is a girl named "Virginia", and yet her lecturer from china called her as... u know what.. :D LOL
haha i like the name virginia though... it's very ... classy haha
maybe she meant to say "regional"... huruhurhurhur...
actually maybe you are rite.. it does make a bit of sense now hahahaha

i am just so infatuated with the word vagina hahaha
(Deleted comment)
and you need to paste your face into a vagina OM OM MA NI OM
(Deleted comment)
huh? wat's cunninglingus?
(Deleted comment)
HUH ??