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come back quietly and i offer place for u two to hide. ahahhaha
we can hide for how long????
hide until u want to go back and study la.........
or u dun even want to go back? tsk tsk
dun want to come back here already.. it's draining my spirit away!!
why? must tahan. and finish.

its the same everywhere la.
even here in sg, i m drained.
at least its in aust and u r with your cowcow.
think of many others in sg who are alone.
worse right?
stay there lo. save money dun come back.
got bengy mah.
must take care of him.
hahaha... i noe that lar.. it's just that you offered something so irresistable .. haha

will take care of the 2 of them.. esp my bengybaby... he's such a darling!
let the cow milk himself la.
trust me... he loves to amuse himself!!!

my god.
i dun need to know that do i?
erm.. you told me to tell cow to erm.. nevermind!!!

before i get murdered in a foreign land
he'll most prob murder me FROM foreign land.
send a missile over.......
wah you better be careful!! his neh neh can shoot milk millions of miles aways.. and my... they can really SQUIRT it hard at you till you get stoned man!
no worries.
i can SLURP it all up in double quick time.
::opens wardrobe::