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Who was spinning?
hmmm i can't remember... it was quite some time back...
let's fly back now!!!

::empties out bank account::
we CAN meh??

our heads will be chopped down by our parents lor!
so fun!
come home this instance!
you think i dun want ah.... i quit school then i work as what next time?? you got lobang to introduce or not?
come back quietly and i offer place for u two to hide. ahahhaha
we can hide for how long????
Holy shit! Did I see a SEAFOOD PLATTER FOR TWO up there? ARGH! It's been eons since I had that! >:(
yes yes yes if i am you i will eat that every week!!! go and eat on my behalf!! the bugis one is welly good!!
Miss da ge so much!!
(lucky you never put the *really* salah pics!

::rummages around for your pic::
i miss the times when i will pick you up and go changi for supper.... sigh sigh

oh and katong bkt
che che!!!!!! u bring back the KTV memories... so fun.. sobz....

COM BACK LAR!!!!!!!!
i come back you take care of me ok ? i be your pet so i dun need to work??? hahahaha
i sooo love the last picture!~
it was my last ktv session in singapore at suntec.... =(
HMMPF! you bluff. say you is miss me today.
and say you is wan to give me big wet kiss
and hug! so where is my pic!?!?!

*runs away before mascara drips all over*
for your information... all the pictures are activities... not people i miss hahahahaha
awwww... i miss u 2..! get ur ass back in SG now NOW NOW!!
we shd raise a "save e animals" fund loh..
hahahahahaha i miss those crazy times wor wor!!! hahahaha

yes yes .. please a "raise the animals" fund is a v good idea indeed!!
Wahey! Seafood platter for 2! That's Fish & Co, right?

yeah man!!! i miss fish and co soooooo much!