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To those evil people:


::throws own monkey party::
::stayed at home::

Oddly, I didn't feel that I missed out much:)
yup... i heard it wasnt good....

anyway you also dun party nowadays mah hor??
not that it really matters:)

slowing down a bit nowadays. my hamsters gave birth again!!
just like their mistress

high sex drive
:P I prefer the term 'occasionally horny'

*jots down notebook under the world's 10 biggest lies*
I can't help it if others' testosterony aura affects me. =)
but you told me that yourself!!

and it's not a testimony!!

maybe you are suppose to only remember the holy side of me!

::erases erases cancels cancels::
actually same here cos alot of people told me no fun hahahaha

*consoles myself*