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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
Err... the youngyoung are there to serve/service the laolao. =P

Your choice to be a laolao or a youngyoung. Hehehe~!

But you're like overaged to be a youngyoung...
at least still younger than you!!!

and i LOOK young!!!
You're younger biologically.

I look younger though. =P

No? Hmmm... time to Xi Yang Qi...
oh lao lao

wat BIG eyeBAGS you have WOR woR@!@!!!!!!!

That's because I'm still on holiday and have been partying in
Newcastle, London, New York and San Francisco. I've been a baaaaaaaad boy~