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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
tat's why we must meet again in singapore this summer!!!
Soon... soon... patience my childmonkey... soon...

i am running out of patience!!!

::throws monkey party::
Sigh... me too.. whattodo...


:: throws laolao party with many youngyoung ::
i am included in the youngyoung hor?
Err... the youngyoung are there to serve/service the laolao. =P

Your choice to be a laolao or a youngyoung. Hehehe~!

But you're like overaged to be a youngyoung...
at least still younger than you!!!

and i LOOK young!!!
You're younger biologically.

I look younger though. =P

No? Hmmm... time to Xi Yang Qi...
oh lao lao

wat BIG eyeBAGS you have WOR woR@!@!!!!!!!

That's because I'm still on holiday and have been partying in
Newcastle, London, New York and San Francisco. I've been a baaaaaaaad boy~