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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
wah..! u seem like a reli good cook loh.. chic rice! im impress.. i still remb e steamboat soup u cook back then.. yum yum..
& i cant even lift a ladel.. nice women these days..

& more pics of puppy pls..!! i love dogs!!
hee hee add bengy lor... he has lj.. hahaha all his pics are there!! when i come back i will whip up a good house party hahaha
who is bengy?
bengy is my dog leh che!! rude leh!! how to be his dog god mother!!!
dun even noe my baby's name!!!
ahahah.. i added him/it oredi la..
hee hee =)