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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
(Deleted comment)
it's very easy!! but if i am in singapore i will not go thru the trouble!

*uncle chicken rice $2 please! *
(Deleted comment)
wah inflation went up so fast?? damn it .... i belong to the $2 generation..
old liao...
(Deleted comment)
no ah.. i is old liao.. old to be your uncle already.. how old are you ?!
(Deleted comment)
depending on how you define odd....

mid twenties already.. mid life crisis... =(
(Deleted comment)
not really.....
people of my species thinks that life's over once you start 40. so .. erm yeah..

i am having my mid life crisis... =(