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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
such coincidence, I am now eating a packet of chicken rice and reading your chicken posting.. but mine is not home cooked :P
haha.... it's quite easy actually... you can try cooking... not fantastic but definitely not the worst i have eaten... lack good chilli sauce...

i miss chilli sauce!!!
yeah .. chicken rice chilli sauce is very very important to complete the meal, use some fresh chili, groundi it together with some water, garlics and a dash of soya sauce ... and there u have it !
you sound experienced eh? but i dun have the .. what dya call it? the stone pounding bowl.. so cannot make... saw one at the market yesterday but so expensive... 55 aus dollars for one..
i love chicken rice, glutenous rice, curry chicken and I learn to be able to cook them :)

Use a blender .. check out Cash Convertor there ... :P
you also know that there are cash convertors?? hahaha sorry i quite sua ku one..

next time we must compare recipes.. =)
AJ men must learn how to cook.. if cant afford butlers haha
kekeke . sure thing pal and dun forget that I am stayig wif u folks in may for about 2 months. Did cowie told to that u will have to use the basement? :PPPPPPPPPPPP
oh great!!! i use the basement!!!! RUDE LEH!!!!!

you can sleep with bengy though!! i am sure you will like it!!! yeah yeah new visitor!!! i love visitors!

to show you how bored i am over here
eerrr . .can wash my uniforms too :P
hmm.. i dun mind looking for part time jobs... you want me to be your part time butler? i can wear uniforms or leather while cleaning up!...

pay negotiable!
wow ... wear uniforms *wink* ... cool !

Cant wait to be there, can get cowie to wear similiar uniforms and I give the commands :P
ok... can i be the photographer?? i can sit at the couch with bengy watching both of you get into action!!! woo hoo!!
motar and pestle.

please post ur recipes!! :p...

i love cock chicken.
hee hee you like cocks ah? i dun cook cocks leh...
haha what recipes you want? i can share!!!

just show the cock!
Of course lah, cocks are best eaten RAW :)

I want recipes with beef! Stir-fried beef with spring onions?