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Today's hot weather inspired me to have some chicken rice.

and according to Mrs. Yeong I whipped up my first chix rice and kangkong

too bad it's too salty for bengy who has to stay here while we eat
such coincidence, I am now eating a packet of chicken rice and reading your chicken posting.. but mine is not home cooked :P
haha.... it's quite easy actually... you can try cooking... not fantastic but definitely not the worst i have eaten... lack good chilli sauce...

i miss chilli sauce!!!
chicken rice for the monkey, the plate of grass for the cow ='(
wah!! it was especially PREPARED for you one ok!!! rude!

you cook yourself next time!!!
Dun neat pounder.... Just use a chopper.... and keep chopping till they get cut to teenie weenie... lil bits....=)
wah!!! abit tiring rite??? cheong hei leh! hahaha oh well.. i will try then... was in a hurry to cook also mah...

Wah lao, you level up again!!
wahh...Looks yummmy...
hee hee da ge everyday cook here must experiment mah...

when i come back we open a chi char store ok ?? you be the store manager i cook!
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it's very easy!! but if i am in singapore i will not go thru the trouble!

*uncle chicken rice $2 please! *
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can cook chicken rice for us next time you come back?? heheh ... can't wait to taste ur cooking leh!!
of course will do! haha hope you wun kenna food poisoning

let me plan... i cook dinner .. then some alcohol.. then chill out private party...

sounds EXCELLENt!! cant wait to go back sg!!!
(Deleted comment)
hahaha last minute one lar!!! i promise will cook for you next time ok?? anyway also not enough chicken! paiseh if not enough for you to eat mah!
(Deleted comment)
My ex housemate used to uss "Mrs leong's"...wonder why theyre all the same or just derivatives of the same name. anyways....can cook when i visit? huh huh? (dont ask me when tho heh heh)
when you DO come and visit i will definitely whip up something gorgeous ( of my standards ) to you ok?? hmmmm i think it might be mrs leong's ... must go and check.. hee hee

go learn how to cook too lar!
looks yummy!

You TOO!!!!
wow!! yum yum....but minus that no. 10 (kangkong).
ok ok noe you dun like kangkong but i adore kang kong mah!!! cannot blame rite?? woo hoo!!
How come you never cooked when you were in town!!
You must cook more and post more pictures ok!
The chicken rice looks like real chicken rice, yellowish and all.
And your chicken like no skin liddat? =)
That's becos in singapore i can pay 3 dollars and basically can eat whatever chicken rice i want
but here got no chix rice....

yup my chicken is healthy, all drumsticks mean, de-skinned and de-boned!!!

hee hee come mama let me cook for you !
Chicken rice? Hmmm... someone's thinking of me? =)

Feel like having monkey's backside. =P
erm not really thinking of you...
thinking of you ENJOYING yourself in SF WITHOUT me and HATING you MORE!!!
aiyoh... have to employ u as my houseboy when i return to melb~!!!!! drooolz...
houseboy??hee hee so kinky !! ok ok for free lodging i will i will!!
wah..! u seem like a reli good cook loh.. chic rice! im impress.. i still remb e steamboat soup u cook back then.. yum yum..
& i cant even lift a ladel.. nice women these days..

& more pics of puppy pls..!! i love dogs!!
hee hee add bengy lor... he has lj.. hahaha all his pics are there!! when i come back i will whip up a good house party hahaha