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I am 22 years old.
I can't dye or highlight my hair.
I can't have a stylo haircut.

The new threats from the Dowager at home
if i do not cut my hair to a more decent one
1. no allowance
2. move out of the house

That's nice ... that means
1. no need to school 'cos no money to pay sch fees
2. i can do whatever i want
3. no one will bother what time i reach home
4. what will i do
5. whether my hair is blonde or my ear is pierced

F*** CARE!
the haircut is hardly stylo... but what the f*** that's damn farnie lor... LOL!
yeepin,tot u've been wearing a cap in the house?u mean she discovered!!oh noooooo!!!
Sigh dun talk about it... try not to see her so much then maybe she will forget about the whole incident.. : (