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I miss my collection at home... should have brought them along than to collect dust...

happy song!!!!

Yoo Hoo Hoo
oh Hey Hey Hey
oh Ha Ha HA
oh Yeah Yeah Yeah!!
what are her popular dance tracks?
i heard one sometime ago, and my frd told me its hers.

list out all her fast songs leh!! :)
her famous cantonese dance tracks are:

Her more popular mandarin fast tracks
::ticks them off the list::

have. have. have. have. :)
WAH!!!!!!! you've them all!!!!!

impressed!!!! *hugs*
of course. it's really your fault that i am a semi-kelly fan. ::hug hug::
my fault?? what's wrong to like her songs...

it's exquisite taste !!!
it's spastic!!! ::jiggles::
oh then... you must be kinda spastic too then... =) to be a semi fan of hers!
terminal stupidity association. sigh.
thanks... =(
Cute layout and you're a big fan of Kelly.

Come to think of it, I actually own 3 of 'em..
haha ... that's cool... you like kelly chen as well??
really liked her during her "wo bu yi wei" and three minute man or three minute patience era..

now she's all techno and erm... :X
hahaha no lar not all techno lah.. yeah i like her three sec
ah hahahaha serious you like kelly chen .. hehehe had no idea
i'm actually related to her believe it or not .. she's my second cousin... our grandmothers are sisters..... i haven't met her personally but ... my mum has :) hehehehehe....
OMG!!!! that's soooooooo happening!!!! hahahaha hey try to steal me one autograph leh! hahaha