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If I can't get a degree maybe I should become a chef and open a monkey's kitchen

Decent dishes that have came out from my wok so far ( thru' trial & error )

1) Pork with onions, garlic and dark soy sauce
2) Pepper Beef with capsicum
3) Snow peas with seafood
4) Steamed garlic prawns
5) Beef with mushrooms in Oyster sauce
6) Cauliflower with prawns
7) Singaporean style curry
8) Steamed pork with salted fish
9) Fish slices with garlic and ginger
10) Kangkong with chilli

*warning!!! - fit for pets only
what do you want me to cook! you got eat b4 meh!!!

Because I _missed_, as in missed out, on your cooking~!

me wan "mimi jump over the wall knock head and gong!"
i need your penis head as a recipe for that though...
Cannot. That ingredient is Sacred.

:: gibe you cheeseburgers instead ::
can also!!!!

*chomps chomps chomps*