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If I can't get a degree maybe I should become a chef and open a monkey's kitchen

Decent dishes that have came out from my wok so far ( thru' trial & error )

1) Pork with onions, garlic and dark soy sauce
2) Pepper Beef with capsicum
3) Snow peas with seafood
4) Steamed garlic prawns
5) Beef with mushrooms in Oyster sauce
6) Cauliflower with prawns
7) Singaporean style curry
8) Steamed pork with salted fish
9) Fish slices with garlic and ginger
10) Kangkong with chilli

*warning!!! - fit for pets only
I hate mushrooms!! I hate kangkong.

I dun want recipe, but the real food itself.

for the price of the airfare you will get to receive free boarding and food from the monkey

Please book your airtickets now to avoid disappoinments!
sounds goood! i wanna to try all of them + stewed bengy! :P

*checks calendar*

- arrgh earliest is this time next year!!
stewed bengy?? yes yes please come over ok ???

i will make you the best human meat pies!
i like juicy man meat more!
hmmm i will cut a piece of your meat when you come here..

come come let mama feed you !
I am still deciding where to go for my trip from mid-may onwards. Middguy78 can't take leave, so i'll be alone.

Maybe I go outback, and end off the trip in Mel. By then will be penniless, so will become a leech...haha.
dun care whether you will be leechy!!! just come!!!

lodging and food we can tahan!!!! hahaha
hahaha, but my other half must sign consent form first....p
ask him to call me dun worry we wun molest you one!! we bring uncle go park walk walk!
hehe...let me work out my intended itinery and cost for my 5 possible trips and see where I wanna go first..:p
aiyah just come melbourne and spend all your money on us!! hahahaahahahaha
go so many places waste money!!
huh? tot should be the other way round huh? hehe
hmmm i will give what i have to be hospitable.. but i am very poor... =(