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My 7 hours spent at school today were fruitful. Finished my readings, did my tutorial and she didn't even bother to go through with them.

Found this little computer room full of 15" imacs. Love this university. Good taste.

You have to punish dogs for responding to their nature. dogville
And bengy has to bath the 2nd time this week due to his nature of liking to play in his shit.
Is there a limit of how many times a dog can bath in a week?

And yes... After waiting for so long

dogville. 2 disc special edition courtesy of cowie
Try feeding beng with a lil' quantity of celery or pumpkin mixed into his food.
Might help. This is an excellent solution to stop dogs about 7-9 mths old to stop eating their excrement.
Might work for anti-frolicking too.

actually he doesnt eat his shit just likes to step on it.. very stupid..
just wondering if it's ok to bath him twice a week??
aiyah like that its okay, just shower it with the mildest shampoo you can get. you'll prob face more problems with him when he gets older. cocker spaniels happen to like to chew things ard the house more.
hmmm okay then... should buy mildest shampoo then bath him more often hee hee
thanks for the advice!!