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Soundtracks provide immense pleasures.
On quiet nights like this, they can give you unexplainable emotions within you, as if you are not in the reality.

Somewhere out there...

The Hours
冷靜と情熱のあいだ / Between Calm and Passion
宋家皇朝/Soong Sisters
Moulin Rouge
Cold Mountain
(Deleted comment)
yup... i am tripping to the scene where ada monroe witness inman's death....

not the tripping you are thinking about.. alas...
(Deleted comment)
actually no... i meant the music WITHOUT the words.... the soundtracks...
hee hee

Titanic has a very beautiful soundtrack.. not celine dion =P
toooooo feeeeellling...

you need happier songs:)
hmmm like sappy kelly chen songs?
no. happier!! obviously you don't know the meaning of happier. :P
those are delusional songs! you need stuff generally more the likes of .. erm.. -_-"

ermmm Hit me baby one more time?
try Saturday Night. Underdog Project.
erm.... ok... limewire doesnt have it leh...
bloody hell
file transfer when i see you online:)
YEAH !! OK!!!
toooooo feeeeellling...

you need happier songs:)