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O.K. Enough of this.
Woke up ate pasta did readings watched dvd cooked curry doggie walk ICQ msn LJ readings research.
Sunday gone.
How should I end it?
A sms from Centro... Oohhhh tribute to Leslie Cheung!
*drinks Vodka*

Drunk at home on Sunday night
wah not bad ah u still noe the special events happening here.. =P
that's becos i still have my singapore line on dearie.... i always have the sunday sms to make me upset....
so you can still sms me when you free ... hee hee
oh really? haha.. didnt noe that. no wonder lar. =P
how come i still havent receive a msg!!! hahaha just joking lar...
i want to noe what's happening in singapore still mah so people can get access to me easier...
not that many people do though...
heez maybe they didnt noe
yeah i didnt let too many people noe anyway...