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Watched Citizen Kane, a 1941 black and white film for my assignment. A film noir with amazing cinematography for that time. Loved the style and the unusual non-linear narrative. And Orson Welles was directing for the first time.

Thelma & Louise just broke my heart. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are excellent. I loved the ending. Shows that friendship is the most important thing especially when your spouse is fucked up. ( I've been through that )
The amazing thing is Ridley Scott ( Aliens, Gladiator ) is the director.

Just for some Kidman injection. Dead Calm
Raw and effective performance. Looking at her in the 1989 movie just confirmed my suspicions that she must have been through some cosmetic surgery. She looks.. erm... dorky

I think i am also becoming a dork.
hey hey hey! i did that (Citizen Kane) during my term for Filmic Narratives.

I went to the Castle itself - Hearst Castle when i was in US. Its W.O.W!

Do u like the 'Moulin Rouge' dance segment during the end of the election campaign?
Ohhhhh!! when did you do Filmic Narratives?? hee hee
and W.O.W W.O.W you went to the Hearst Castle???

well the movie did not say it's based on him, there are some differences... i.e. his first wife and son did not die in the car crash as depicted in the movie. i love the screenplay. it's so clever!

i dun really remember any moulin rouge dance segment leh.. must go and check.. watch too many movies already