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Haven't had such a bad sore throat in years.
Blame it on a Kit Kat chunky, Mars, Snickers, Guylian, Fruit & Nuts chocolates, Peanut butter diet.

Nothing to do with ciggies. Sigh, feel like satine

Went to see a doctor since the insurance covers and my, the doctor is surprised to see such a big clot of dead blood cells. Think it's tonsilitis. Might be cancer. Or consumption.

And i thought Singaporean doctors are kiasu enough, the doctor gave me 50 capsules of penicillin enough to cover 10 days. I can't remember when was the last time I was prescribed such strong antibiotics. Or are they still effective?
aiyoh you kenna also ah???

drink more water and get well soon too!! hahahaha they say good friends always fall sick together mah!
Thanks!!! You too!!! Hey, Do u guys want the Vneck Lu Jun Tshirt? I managed to find one shop selling here!!! Will get for u guys if there are still stock available!!!

hahaha when you got stock you buy many many lor! haha

hope you are well and kicking already

nahbeh, then u want or not. Limited Collection leh!!! Singapore Cant find leh!!! Ask MooMoo the uniform fetish leh!!! :)
haha yeah lor get one for him lor =) sure he will like it