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Haven't had such a bad sore throat in years.
Blame it on a Kit Kat chunky, Mars, Snickers, Guylian, Fruit & Nuts chocolates, Peanut butter diet.

Nothing to do with ciggies. Sigh, feel like satine

Went to see a doctor since the insurance covers and my, the doctor is surprised to see such a big clot of dead blood cells. Think it's tonsilitis. Might be cancer. Or consumption.

And i thought Singaporean doctors are kiasu enough, the doctor gave me 50 capsules of penicillin enough to cover 10 days. I can't remember when was the last time I was prescribed such strong antibiotics. Or are they still effective?
hello still got 3 more month leh i am in fact recovering already the anti biotics quite effective.
and i tell you hor.. you better dun work so hard i want to see a fresh and cute hotdoggie when i return to play with me!
dun work hard how to have money to treat u nice nice buffet!
if that's the case i'd rather you not treat! =(