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Haven't had such a bad sore throat in years.
Blame it on a Kit Kat chunky, Mars, Snickers, Guylian, Fruit & Nuts chocolates, Peanut butter diet.

Nothing to do with ciggies. Sigh, feel like satine

Went to see a doctor since the insurance covers and my, the doctor is surprised to see such a big clot of dead blood cells. Think it's tonsilitis. Might be cancer. Or consumption.

And i thought Singaporean doctors are kiasu enough, the doctor gave me 50 capsules of penicillin enough to cover 10 days. I can't remember when was the last time I was prescribed such strong antibiotics. Or are they still effective?
Aiyoh!!! Must take care of yourself ah MiMi!
Now I heart pain for you......

Spoil your throat how to give good bj!?
dun worry no matter how bad my sore throat is i will still give you a shiok shiok on your HEAD
leave you alone for two minutes and what do i see?!

a monkey sitting on the floor full of candy wrappers and mouth smeared with chocolate! TSK TSK TSK!!! worse than bengy!

oooppsss it's the mother cow scolding!!
awww... *hugz* and offers monkey one honey lemon sweet to sooth your throat.

I was down with flu too on Wednesday. Kept sneezing in office until my MAJ was paranoid about getting the virus.

Saw a doctor and it was diagnosed as viral flu + 2 days MC.
hee hee i love MCs !!!!! you must take more MCs not worthwhile to be so ON in NS hahaha
like tat how to have buffet wif me when u r back!

hello still got 3 more month leh i am in fact recovering already the anti biotics quite effective.
and i tell you hor.. you better dun work so hard i want to see a fresh and cute hotdoggie when i return to play with me!

I'm also down with sore throat and cough!!!! Sigh!!!! You better rest and get well soon!!! :)
aiyoh you kenna also ah???

drink more water and get well soon too!! hahahaha they say good friends always fall sick together mah!
it must be the flu epidermic spreading around.
Fabian and me also down with it.
Take some xia siang ju lor.
Its very effective.
(staying off the chocolates also helps! drink more milk lah!)
huh??? wat is xia siang ju eh?
aiyoh terrible... take care of yourself ah. =P
haha mrs.. pls take care of yourself too!

wow.. those are real strong anitbiotics...
I guess you're having acute tonsilitis...
I had them since young.
Tey and take more water and fruits ya~
hey thanks... yeah but it's getting better already...
sigh looking at your icon just makes me gian for mahjong!