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Has been a very hectic weekend... moving around non-stop with minimal sleep... Because my aunt borrowed me her Merz E200 she hardly drives around... ( imagine using only 10000km in 2.5 yrs )Wow! I am quite SUA KU in a sense but i am really not used to driving this kinda cars with lotsa gadgets though they are really Fascinating!Almost got stucked before the carpark entrance because i had stepped on the handbreak and was confused how to release it....luckily there were no cars waiting behind. Has been going through too many hardships with my old car... haha

For once ,in like the last one and a half month, i was like a full time chauffeur to a friend of mine. Went to buy some bulky stuff ( hehe ) and for the first time i drove a merz to YN... haha but not in front in case some drunk arseholes jump onto the car i will be in dead shit. Saw quite alot of new faces at YN and some supposedly long lost faces for quite a while...while Renton and cowie left earlier I went over to the famous AJ canteen to attend a session of bitching with suzy, jacob, bren and ken, Yw and alvin.

Today i woke up early, having to run some errands for good friend and went to town. Did nothing much REALLY but somehow i made full use of the car.... sending my brother back home from katong, sending renton back home from parkway ( it's a favour i must return IF i have a car ), all these silly little things but somehow are...
so important to make one's life feel so much fresher
thanks anyway hor
Haha dun mention.... if you need to say one thank you... i think there are a million more i owe you
hee thanks for coming out last nite... will prob be the last chiong for a long time...
ya.. dun mention it...
even though my sch was from 1030 to 6pm...
and i was zombie'ing ard the sch for the whole day
DAMN shag...
but then again

and not cheonging for quite some time... you said it boy.
wait for renton to come back lar