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I am actually too busy, after a month-long of complains that I am lonely and bored.

It's like having a child. Thanks to cowie after trying so long. I woke up three times to bring bengy for a pee. I spent the whole day teaching him not to cry and to cuddle him to sleep. I hit him when he does wrongs and my heart aches (Sorry Mum I know your intentions all right) and I am still wondering whether I should use the persuasive method to tame my love, or the-cane-is-here-you-better-be-good approach. EASTern vs WESTern traditions.


Thank god I just finished my 1000 words assignment after coaxing him to sleep. Ahhhh... I feel..... whole
but that time you got free dog you also dun want... next time we move in near each other and we buy dogs to breed ok ?
okie, confirm!!! Our weekends will be ended up at the Dog Cafe at Balastier Rd. :)
oh there is a dog cafe there?? very expensive one hor?
No idea but think it will not be cheap. But who cares, as long as our pet are happy, we will be happy too. :)
especially when we dun have children dogs will be our children!!
Yup. totally agreed!!!! ;)