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I am actually too busy, after a month-long of complains that I am lonely and bored.

It's like having a child. Thanks to cowie after trying so long. I woke up three times to bring bengy for a pee. I spent the whole day teaching him not to cry and to cuddle him to sleep. I hit him when he does wrongs and my heart aches (Sorry Mum I know your intentions all right) and I am still wondering whether I should use the persuasive method to tame my love, or the-cane-is-here-you-better-be-good approach. EASTern vs WESTern traditions.


Thank god I just finished my 1000 words assignment after coaxing him to sleep. Ahhhh... I feel..... whole
now you noe why i cant even bare to SCOLD him sometimes.... cowie says i am spoiling him sigh
Don't beat him (or her?) la..just scold..firmly...if you can bear to...haha
but i am afraid he doesnt understand that i am scolding him!!! how how how!!!
now i noe how difficult raising kids are!! oh bobo!!!
*LOL* apparently when you raise your voice a little bit and say, "NO", it's supposed to get it.
i think i am too gentle...
maybe i have to go for obedience training WITH my bengy