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I am actually too busy, after a month-long of complains that I am lonely and bored.

It's like having a child. Thanks to cowie after trying so long. I woke up three times to bring bengy for a pee. I spent the whole day teaching him not to cry and to cuddle him to sleep. I hit him when he does wrongs and my heart aches (Sorry Mum I know your intentions all right) and I am still wondering whether I should use the persuasive method to tame my love, or the-cane-is-here-you-better-be-good approach. EASTern vs WESTern traditions.


Thank god I just finished my 1000 words assignment after coaxing him to sleep. Ahhhh... I feel..... whole
yes, it's time for you to breast feed him...
so cute
so doleful...
must sayang him ok, grow up protect can protect da ge..hehe
i understand.... my siao di has wings already gonna fly away.. not gonna take care of his da ge...

got replacement already ...
Actually to discipline him right from the start is the best kind of concern for him. Seriously. Do do some reading up eh? Cos once the puppy's spoilt, it would be a mammoth task getting things right again.

i see that u r speaking from experience ahem...
wah, what a weird genetic combination.

A monkey mixed with a cow produces a dog. hmm....
i'm not the father, she had an affair... sobz!
bengy is absolutely beautiful.
he's so beautiful rite? i think i am in love with him

STOP IT STOP IT................
no pics of cute doggie.
ok ok i post pictures of cute monkeys then
SO CUTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't bear to hit it too...my heart just melted when i saw bengy's pic...SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE
now you noe why i cant even bare to SCOLD him sometimes.... cowie says i am spoiling him sigh
sorry.. I don't know much about dogs
what breed is bengy? he's so so so adorable! *squeeze*
hahaha go buy one too!
it's an English Cocker Spaniel!
Hey, Cute Doggie!!! How much u paid for or was it given for free? The puppy here are cheap but we are not allow to keep any of it.

dogs here are still cheaper than singapore.
abt 400? but their stuff are quite ex. oh well i dun care. it's my baby!

omg...... so cute!!!!!!!
i also say .... so much better than men hor???
of course not as cute as your new man lar che!
how many more animals in the menegerie! Its almost like reading " My family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell....already there is a bovine and a primate..now canine...think you shld get like a flock of rainbow lorrikeets or galahs, a few sun skinks and a bowl of fish.
Yeah hor... but we have to add to the collection when wawa died last december and our rabbits in singapore just passed away the few days back due to the stormy weather and they caught a cold...
well at least they died together...

anyway you are part of my primate gang mah! you animal also!
So... who's the bitch? =P
hee hee not me i did not give birth
(Deleted comment)
hee hee so cute rite?? i find him so irresistable.. oh well...
it makes me happy everyday now.. and made me upset as well hahaha
(Deleted comment)