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Sirens of the ambulances wake me up daily. A daily affair. The first high from the cigarette smoke. The same fcuk jacket, the same sneakers. The unusual three-way junction infront of the apartment I have to cross. Left to the city. Trams passing. Right to Richmond. Carlton gardens, Melbourne museum, Grattan Road and Swanston Street.

I arrive at my destination and I smile. I talk about Lars von Trier at the Elizabeth Murdoch and I try to move theatrically in the studio. Lunch time is where I hang around alone at the Union House. I peep up into the computing room full of iMacs, and I pass-by the queer lounge with a big six-coloured rainbow flag hanging proud and tall. Enthusiastic students attend to booths that represent their societies. I can never imagine myself doing that. Maybe as the president of a club where mongolians over-achieve by not doing anything to only expect disappointments.

The walk back to a place where I call "home" seems always longer. A daily affair. Weary and tired. The anticipation builds up as I am near Spring Street. The security gate that is not secure. The three sided reflections in the elevator that are not at all inspiring. And the door opens. The red couch and the green tables. Wonderful. Colours enhance the mood so they say. I am happy to see some company at last. My mate, my company.

Internet connection is such a wonderful invention. An endless realm that provides unlimited possibilities. I seek you. The little blue man. The invention that tries to empty the silence within yet heightens the loneliness. Contemporary culture. Developing online personalities. God created yubin, a straight yubin, a gay yubin, a bohemian yubin and an online one is the latest addition to the Disney store for cartoon characters.

One nice beer. Mindless chain smoking. How do you think Mrs. Woolfe has the ability to produce such sharp novels about details and life? They say people stay alive for one another. It is uncertainty and curiousity. To have the power of knowing what is going to happen to this story, to your story, to their stories. If omega ever arrives at all after all these hours.




How are you little one? Anyway i meant pic .. or teXt?
you are upset... =(
just l.o.n.e.l.y

no monkey toys
*teleports BIG MAMA's HUG over*
sigh. miss you terribly! but we all have our paths to walk.
mine is here and yours is over there at the moment.
so WALK the WALK and STRUT your stuff.
someday you'll fly away, from there and everything will be fine!
mama.... will you come and visit?? bring fabian over lor?

believe it.. i miss you... miss your bitching...
no one bitches me here
haha... Look at the mini mountain of ciggies. Ur user pic is damn nice. But got a very 'dao' look. haha...
I look dao because it signifies my boredom here

yes.. and i smoke here more i suppose... must smoke less.. my voice is going coarse
I'd get you a fire extinguisher for christmas.
(hope that's not too late)

La la la.

i think i will be dead by then. can you send it thru' fed ex to save me now?
wow, didn't know you in melbourne now.
sounds like you're doing performing arts?

i hate union house. find some friends, have lunch at lygon. can never get decent eating space at union house.

where you staying? rathdowne st?
hello... so long never tok to you... how are you? didnt know you are staying in melbourne. thought you are staying in nz.
i am in uni melb doing media and comm but i am also doing a module in theatre studies.

staying at spring st. you ?
woolfe with a double zero. :]
hey dun stress ok...
edited! thanks for correcting. trying to improve my silly writing anyway.
not stressed actually. l.o.n.e.l.y but fine.
hope you are coping well in law
cheer up =)
thanks little one. =) btw when do you finish your course?
and that is singaporean DFS ciggies?
so cheap!
i like!
ermm actually we finished smoking the DFS ones.. now we are smoking the AUSSIE DFS ones. so light and bleah. dun like the aussie ones, singapore ciggies more kick.

can you send some more over to me? thanks
There is always a part of you here.
you also hardly talk to your kor kor online. always away one.
you dun miss me. =(
Miss ya... *Fedex many many hugs over*
am I going to receive a parcel full of your hugs??

so exciting! i want a grandpa hug!
(Deleted comment)
I miss you guys alot too.
can you believe it? I was thinking of those Lan-playing days. Kinda miss those days where we can spend our nights laughing.

No one plays lan here. Even the bloody arcade's games are like... ermm KOF 99? dun even have my mai shiranui in CHAOS. sigh
Fwah.... me jealous... you got personal internet connection... =(
Oh well... can't wait for mine in July or August.
Will take pictures of my ciggies butts to show you also ok? =P

... jealous also because chain smoking here too expensive... SG$12 for a hard pack here. Not much kick also... =(

:: huggiess ::
i think i still have abt 1-2 cartons of ciggies left. i cant really chain smoke after that cos ciggies here are expensive as well... ciggies are expensive in singapore too. abt 10 bucks now already sigh sigh sigh...

dun understand what takes you so long for internet connection... hahaha wait till you get your new porch man... btw hve you confirmed when are you going back to singapore ah dear?