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Labour day is NOT a public holiday for the students of University of Melbourne.

Poor teachers who still have to work and duh, I have to miss one of the biggest rave parties in Melbourne TWO TRIBES because I have school today.

Oh well, it's expensive anyway.

*swallows sour grapes*
yesh... especially when u have free flow of absolute vanilla vodka... :)
thats GOOD for health!
its helps improve the blood circulation.....
and esp for smokers, the antidepressant in alcohols counter reacts with.............

ok, crap.
but iits good to drink
and be aloof from the world once in a while.
of course, not to the point of puking.......

so, when m i seeing u in zouk?
eeeeee yucks vanilla!!!!! i prefer milk with vodka!!
tats not for a baby monkey....