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hotdoggie [7:52 PM]:
btw darlin... there no such monkey call red ass baboon
Yubin! [7:52 PM]:

Yubin! [7:55 PM]:
that's me lor!
hotdoggie [7:55 PM]:
tats a mandrill
not a red ass baboon

Yubin! [7:56 PM]:
red ass lar!!! i noe it lar.. not in your human terms
u humans always think you are always right!
hotdoggie [8:00 PM]:
does weasels have big balls too?
don't you know cartoon characters have no genitalia whatsoever..

eg: how does the silver surfer pee..
that's because cartoonists are not allowed to draw genitals to show children. they are hidden as these cartoons are wearing clothes! how can animals not have genitals? then those in love in the cartoons must be all asexual!?!??!