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hotdoggie [7:52 PM]:
btw darlin... there no such monkey call red ass baboon
Yubin! [7:52 PM]:

Yubin! [7:55 PM]:
that's me lor!
hotdoggie [7:55 PM]:
tats a mandrill
not a red ass baboon

Yubin! [7:56 PM]:
red ass lar!!! i noe it lar.. not in your human terms
u humans always think you are always right!
hotdoggie [8:00 PM]:
oh... u meant the super delicious pork chop and fish slices!!!!

YUMMY!!!! *slurp slurp*
yup.... actually i didnt use garlic, onions as garnishing
but er hem.. my poo poo!

and now you are in love with me!!!!