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hotdoggie [7:52 PM]:
btw darlin... there no such monkey call red ass baboon
Yubin! [7:52 PM]:

Yubin! [7:55 PM]:
that's me lor!
hotdoggie [7:55 PM]:
tats a mandrill
not a red ass baboon

Yubin! [7:56 PM]:
red ass lar!!! i noe it lar.. not in your human terms
u humans always think you are always right!
hotdoggie [8:00 PM]:
ben, told u so many times tat its not nice to show your pi gu in the public!

it was taken by you. i didnt know i have that pic taken till you sent me via email.

so you have been stalking me and watching me pang sai...

cos i wan to know how come u make such good, warm milo...
DAMN IT!! now you know my secret recipe for all the food during the friday party at cowie's place!!
ahhhh another of my secret recipe admirer!
oh... u meant the super delicious pork chop and fish slices!!!!

YUMMY!!!! *slurp slurp*
yup.... actually i didnt use garlic, onions as garnishing
but er hem.. my poo poo!

and now you are in love with me!!!!