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I do not know what's the norm
But I broke the record again
I just received my handphone bill
The highest record ever
For the highest amount of SMS i sent
2537 sms to be exact
costs me $126.85
Not to SMS again
!!! the highest i ever heard of was like a 1200+...
Incredible right?? Wah lan it's really horrible lor..
but i just cant stop smsing cos i really got lotsa sms! shit
must stop the habit!
Dun worry lah when
everyone goes back
to the states your
bill will surely


My sms hit 1637 on one particular month and I've cut down on my sms ever since.
After the second or third sms, I'll rather just pick up the phone and call.
Hmmm think that's a very good idea
but i think there's always some things or someone you prefer to contact through sms...
Right! =)
Haha... not to sms again? change your name first.
Yeah Mr Anonymous..
any ideas ?
check out the computer times on august 28th 2002.
this guy known as Yazid Ismail chalks up to 12000 messages and $600 in phone bills each month. Anyone wants to beat that?
Hmmmm there are always "better" people out there..
i have seen news that people chalk up thousands, but in the so called CHAT room ? mine is pure sms-ing frens lor haha
anyway think i have been quite good for the past week