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I stepped into this big studio which is the venue of my first workshop for Body, Text, Performance. I've never felt so uneasy. My tutor looks like Julianne Moore and she rattles off so fast I am always trying to catch what was she trying to say (what's new?).

Duh. Did I mention this time round I am not the only Asian boy but the only Asian in the class. I have never never felt so small before. Even the girls look bigger than me. Was thinking of withdrawing this subject while i still have the time but I suppose it's always good to have some theatre and performance knowledge even though I might be in the film/tv industry. i hope

I must be brave. Why can't Singaporeans be more outspoken and thick-skinned when they are required to?
HELLO?!?!? dun u dare juz drop this cos of this kinda reason.. remb wat u promise me b4 u left?? dun u dare loh.. *kbish*

juz takes time 2 get use 2 it.. & make frz loh.. angmo can t b as bad as us singaporeans loh.. we r snobbish shit.. ahahhaha.. @ most put my pic there la.. lonely c my face la.. i sacrifice.. ahahahh
singaporeans very snobbish hor? not like you. first time meet you so friendly already even give you one waterfall make you drunk like nobody's shit..

oh yes.. i am looking at your photo everyday.. and did anyone tell you your new fridae pic is very chio chio armani? haha
ahahah.. i knw.. i was juz reading thr my LJ when i remb abt tat 'waterfall' thingy.. ahahah.. how we changed ya? when juz a waterfall could make us so happy & sala..!! hehe

u r e rare few 2 say me friendly @ 1st sight loh.. most ppl find me tao or intimidating esp when i dun smile.. but cant expect me 2 smile anyhow wat.. wait reli b siao chabor.. & lose my cool.. hehe

tat shot is anyhow take 1.. was juz lay lay-ing in e sun when we feelin again.. hehe..
yeah lor our first meeting so BOMBASTIC already. sigh miss the good ol times when we drink and make ourselves silly... oh well. shant say too much
but ...you notti girl, why havent you been updating your LJ i wanna know what's happening!
ahahah.. we met @ YN wat.. how serious & non laylay can i get..?!?!?

okok.. once my lomo comes.. i guarantee i'll update more.. my life is boring wat.. wat 2 update?? hehe
your life is how exciting definitely better than mine here... oh well. what happened to your minolta????

i want to read jaz_aug's entries!!!
ahahahah.. i lazy la.. not been uploading as freq as b4..
yeah i noe dearie, that's why i am asking you to be more hardworking and update more! silly!