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I stepped into this big studio which is the venue of my first workshop for Body, Text, Performance. I've never felt so uneasy. My tutor looks like Julianne Moore and she rattles off so fast I am always trying to catch what was she trying to say (what's new?).

Duh. Did I mention this time round I am not the only Asian boy but the only Asian in the class. I have never never felt so small before. Even the girls look bigger than me. Was thinking of withdrawing this subject while i still have the time but I suppose it's always good to have some theatre and performance knowledge even though I might be in the film/tv industry. i hope

I must be brave. Why can't Singaporeans be more outspoken and thick-skinned when they are required to?
theatre is excellent background!!! i sometimes feel film is harder than theatre cause u gotta turn it on just like that .... whereas in theatre some say its harder cause u gotta slip into a role so completely to take the audience on the journey.

i personally love the theatre more than film!!! i think ... having the different perspectives makes u more versatile!!

stand up and be counted boy!!! its just a matter of verbalising ur thoughts and opinions ... we know u have them!

i think both are not easy at all, but my passion is more with film
but i do agree that theatre has more communication ability with the audience and staff, and the performances can be more heartfelt and realistic, but films give you more visual splendour etc.
oh well, sometimes having thoughts doesnt mean that i will manage to find a way to verbalise them..
sigh hope it turns out goodie! heh