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the beautiful duomo i face everyday while smoking at the balcony

nice and cozy living room that faces the busy road

where i whip up monkey food and where i dine

monkey studies here with major distractions

and no. no pictures of bedroom. privacy required.
aiyah mai hiam buay pai lar hahahaha still got 2 camera phones so not so bad. cannot be greedy haha
but.. but itz blur.. is tat taken fm ur new sony ericsson? e effect like tat 1 ah?
no ah jie jie the phone is taken using the t610... i got a free one here by signing up for optus. so good hor hee hee my new ericsson phone is used for sg numbers.. for you to sms me but you never sms me BOO HOO
ahahahh.. i din knw itz still on.. i saves ur oz no la.. *kbish*

dun wana sms u mah.. i dun mind.. but u will reply me wat.. dun 1 u waste $$ esp when u studying now.. must learn 2 budget.. esp when u guys hvnt find a PT job yet..

i do miss u k..!! u knw i do.. u my monkey pal wat..
hee hee you can just sms me tell me you miss me dun need to reply lar.. my sg hp still on... hee

and you are my monkey girl!
how can so rude dun reply 1.. *kbish*

anywayz ur mac is here oredi so save lots of trouble..
yeah lor my mac is my window to singapore.. can still know what you guys are doing but it's just a window. can see only.. cannot touch... =(
ahahahah.. nvm la.. think of JUNE.. JUNE..!! 3 more mths..!!