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the beautiful duomo i face everyday while smoking at the balcony

nice and cozy living room that faces the busy road

where i whip up monkey food and where i dine

monkey studies here with major distractions

and no. no pictures of bedroom. privacy required.
hee hee glad you like it when are you coming over to warm the seats with your lover haha
how abt only me alone to warm it up?? LOL....
i'd very much like you too but your size is the size of chihuahua will take a very long time to warm my sofa up. i need big dogs like the siberian husky or golden retrievers
i'll bring my dog. it's a shih tzu but it has enuff fur to warm up the seat. LOL....
oh well.. if you say so... dun care lah just want you to come!!! you better come!!!