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the beautiful duomo i face everyday while smoking at the balcony

nice and cozy living room that faces the busy road

where i whip up monkey food and where i dine

monkey studies here with major distractions

and no. no pictures of bedroom. privacy required.
SUPER PRETTY!!!!! nice cosy environment!!
haha thanks... i am a good designer.. ok lar shall give credit to the cow also haha
y ur pic all so blur 1??
paiseh i got no camera so they are all snapped using my T610
nice .... looks a shit load better than my place !
no leh i think that tree outside your porch is damn feeling.
i lurve the colour of the couch!!!!!
hee hee glad you like it when are you coming over to warm the seats with your lover haha
its missing something leh .... hmm ... i know .... its missing US!!!!

nice pics. why no bedroom pics ... got harness hanging from ceiling ah?
still dare to say. then why are you in sydney!!!

come down melbourne instead!!!
cannot live without duo screens already right? hehehehe :)

where's the 'dungeon'?

the dungeon is actually situated inside the bedroom that's why it cannot be displayed... unless you give me some candies.... =P
d place looks great!
it's not d sch rite...?
i mean not d dorms rite?
nope.. the sch hostel where got so nice one. it's a private apartment and it's facing the museum. i think. the park's damn nice.
come come visit visit!
its actually quite big loh!!
sure got space for us...and for the revival of the Fantabulous DP : Aussie branch!!
yeah without considering the bedroom pictures not posted up and yeah, the pictures do not show up the whole place also...

didi come visit kor kor leh.... i need a dwoggie...
MAN!!!!!! The place looks NICE!

I wonder what distractions you have in the bedroom.... hmmm....
looks sooo clean and nice....and definitely more than enuff space for a lot of pple too!!

show bedroom pics leh!!
yeah lor that's why i call you to come over lor i cook for you bath for you hahahahaha

bedroom is the most sacred part of the house cannot anyhow show
OHHHH yeepin! Your house very cosy looking *envious*
lemme guess.. you got everything from ikea! lol
thats why your living room looks like mine hahah ;)
!!!! really hahahaha we have the same taste eh?
yup they are bought from the lousy and expensive ikea! make us pay lotsa money for transportation!
eh reminds me of the ikea showrooms..hehe
but it real pretty and looks comfy =)
yeah it's comfortable alrite and they are the cheapest we could find while hunting at ikea.. woo hoo!
Nice! Nice! Nice!

More! More! More!
how i wish you are inside the pictures.... =(
where are the soiled underwear?
SO you must be the one who keep stealing my undies!!!!