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The air was crisp and chilly as I walked to school this morning, bypassing the beautiful gardens in carlton and the bohemian lygon street. How life has changed so quickly! I still cannot believe the awkuard feeling of stepping into a lecture hall full of strangers I will get acquainted to in the future.

The day passed fast. For once I was struggling to make an effort to make out what the lecturer was trying to say, to appreciate media writing, form criticisms of theatre performances and analysize the paradigm in hollywood films. I was solitary the whole day, always finding it difficult to send a salutation to people who might have their own stereotyped prejudices against a viet-looking me.

So there I was a slave to music and memories as I treaded back through the same route. The same songs. The same path. And as I yearned for change and excitment, it probably just goes around in cycles.

For a change watching the academy awards was no longer due to my obsessed interest, but something that will help advancing my career. There I was, hoping for surprises only due for a huge disappointment. Predictable hollywood. Same old jokes, same old movies.

Exhilarated to see my beloved iMac back to my embrace. It feels so good to see something you are so familiar to. It seems that a part of me is returning. Changing back into a sequence of routines in a different environment. To learn and feel and sense. Hoping I can be just one of the budding young men years ago, to build what we believe in, in a different time and land.

Always the loneliness of the darkness that heightens the deepest emotions. A day of my life. A day of a man's life.
and the rest of your life continues to unfold.

The journey continues.

and as my life unravels, i force myself to go on, to see if there are blue birds singing over the rainbow.
I'd like to get a taste of staying in melb too.
I stayed as a tourist at a B&B for three weeks and really liked it, but i wonder how it would be to be a student there.

More more more!
what 's a B&B? well it's only my first day of being a student and i am not sure whether it's still good or bad. quite mixed reactions. will definitely update. heh. hope you are good in sg! =)
must be the moon .. melancholy seems to have struck many a poetic soul!

amazingly I see no moon. nothing but the cold air, the trees and it was a very cloudy night..

in this cold dark night... ...
im sure u will make many many friends soon wor =)
oh yah the oscars was very predictable this year..agree with u on that..hehe
dunno leh. they seem kinda friendly yet kinda hostile. i dunno really. maybe i shld just remain passive here hahahaha.. oh well old friends are the best. you better club with me when i come back haha
Where's the part about Men, Sex, Dance, Lies and Videotape?

Take your time Mimi. Am sure you'll be making lots of friends soon.
It's always REALLY boring in the first month or so.
Then it becomes just boring.


oh well..... scared i dunno how to make any more friends haha
and dun create blasemphy! i am how good ok? no sex no lies no videotapes no clubbing!
Its called GROWING UP...
take it easy...you must be BRIGHT and BUBBLY ok!!

i am too old to still be in the process of growing up but in the process of killing myself.

ok i will try to be bright and bubbly again when i see you ... =P
hey darling.. u r nvr alone.. u hv us.. though distance mayb abit of a problem.. juz more of gettin use 2 e place over there.. *hugz*
thanks... it's frens like me that always me feel so warm when i think of Singapore....

che, you have us here!! and we'll always be connected somehow (msn, icq, LJ, phone, and every other sorts of communications available...)

and you'll be back before you know it!!

really ah jie jie? thought you got new bf already dun want monkey already hahahahaha
Your article sounds so full of hope i just HAD to give you a comment to say JIA YOU!!
I certainly wish i have ENOUGH hope to keep me going really.