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Took me one whole day to enrol and register @ unimelb.
Slow and steady. Nice

Got my subjects registered. Nice 3-4 day weeks. All non-examinable subjects. Just bloody 4000 words essays to be written.

Contemporary Culture and Media
Professional Writing
Introduction to Hollywood and Art Cinema
Body, Text, Performance

If everything is that nice I might be back after 30 May.

dun say i chao keng
heh heh
you jealous ah?
rude leh you! i am artistic not chao keng!
Hope u will get past the initial part easily. If not, At least I hope u will be happy with such a change. Cheers for having to sleep on ur quilt without a matteress, i had been thru the same thing.Just wanna know u r missed by all of us. Sooner or later u will get to like melbourne. I wish i could visit u (i hope). An wat a coincidence, I have just watched clorkwork orange at mah kut's house. Intriguing.
All the best, keep us updated.
have you told bah kut.. everyone has been telling me that i will get used to it wor heh but i think it will take some time lor... i miss all of you guys... must take care while i will try to come back this winter holidays
wahaha.. that's what I did when I was in RMIT.. non examinable subjects..

Why stress myself up on scheduled exam papers when you can do an assignment base on research. can also travel a bit and sight seeing.. whahaha..

I also took a subject on environment conservation.. whahaha. the local students were totally stun coz.. they didn't know Singapore does not have natural resources.. hence we always have things to talk about in class... comparing eco-practise in Singapore with Australia....

i think singapore is such a small economy prolly not many people know of our existence. heh heh i didnt know you did mass comm last time... hahaha sigh i miss singapore
and your lj language...
why whahaha... sounds familiar... =P
WOW! so interesting ur subjects!
yeah sounds interesting
but damn it... 4000 word essays not easy wor!!!
alan i miss you corny jokes.....
how come u end up at UNi Melbourne???? What's ur major?
decided to change course from the dreaded accountancy...
majoring in arts ( media and communication )
(Deleted comment)
semester is actually until mid june.. but i dun have exams mah... hahahahaha

sch's not started yet so i really dunno but aussie life is boooooorrrrriiiiiiinnggggggg!!!!!!!!
was just looking back at the pics we took in bangkok...
miss u....
what a coincidence cos i was looking at the pics yesterday or the day before
that's how we got to know each other much better hor che che?
No fair! You is as chao keng as your hair is chao ta! hmmpf!
and you is season your new ikea bed w/o me!!!
you dun be rude! i am not chao keng! i am being artistic ok ?
and p.s.
pls do come over and warm my bed =P
masscom! im still waiting for unimelb's reply! if successful i will see u there as ur junior!
oh great!! hahaha if successful will it be this july? hahahaha let me know lar hope to see ya.
che che..! i'll b counting down.. hope ur new place is furnish with loads of pink ribbons & silk.. MUAHAHHAHA

btw.. when ur pc coming? dun c u online 1..
hahaha actually the new apt is decorated with green tables, plastic and red cloth hahahaha
anyway my pc shld be here latest next week lor... due to some custom problems.. hee hee
i miss jie jie hahahaha will talk to you online soon wor wor!
u come back after 30th? celebrate me bdae with me can...? =)!!!
heh when's your bday eh?
sounds like my first semester at Berkeley:

Introduction to Western music
Man and Molecules
The craft of writing
Introduction to Economics

steady lah boy.. yer in for some lobo times haha
very similar subjects different styles eh? hahahaha yeah man you going back to sg in june? maybe will catch you then again?
ehz... u takin that course de ar? gd or not?
actually my sch term hasnt start yet ... =P