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Life has been really quiet recently, which might not be a bad thing.

Decent sleeping hours, healthy living ( I haven't clubbed since I came here ), gained a couple of kgs, watching dvds ( stanley kubrick's clockwork orange is really crazy but excellent and i finally have the time to pop in requiem for a dream ), bacarrat, pokies, peanut butter ( my daily staple diet ).

Most importantly due to computer hogging, I haven't got much chance to get in touch with my babies in singapore and my phone is so much quieter right now. And yes I miss my sappy kelly music.

They say change is good. Probably.

And I like my new kim moh hair. diy from gatsby.
I still have friends in Melbourne.. u want me to intro intro..?
yeah yeah yeah intro leh!! intro leh!!! i need friends!!!!

ok... I'll pull some strings for you when I see them online...

I used to work in the StarHotel on every Wed..
Its not really a glam glam place but every wednesday is AsianNite.. the boss is Fritz... he is GWM very nice guy...

You got such friends in UK not?
I have a friend in UK.. but he doesn't club ... er.. you want?
Info, stats, details, pic?


:: attempts to look even shallower ::