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Life has been really quiet recently, which might not be a bad thing.

Decent sleeping hours, healthy living ( I haven't clubbed since I came here ), gained a couple of kgs, watching dvds ( stanley kubrick's clockwork orange is really crazy but excellent and i finally have the time to pop in requiem for a dream ), bacarrat, pokies, peanut butter ( my daily staple diet ).

Most importantly due to computer hogging, I haven't got much chance to get in touch with my babies in singapore and my phone is so much quieter right now. And yes I miss my sappy kelly music.

They say change is good. Probably.

And I like my new kim moh hair. diy from gatsby.
i miss singapore
dun bluff, you is not miss singapore.
hair not big enough.

you is miss congeniality...
Mimi. Call me.
hee hee sorry i only got access to pc now in uni. hee hee will call you soon cos my prepaid card quite lao pork dunno how to call overseas also sigh
3 more days to Melb!!! WHEEE!!!!!
know itz hard.... but at least you had the opportunity to leave away from singapore for a while. wish i had the chance to... leavin in a foreign land, learnin their practises n lifestyle... i like!

the one u met at dogville aka *bish*er
hahahaha oh ok i noe who you are.
when i come back i am gonna make you drink more !! haha miss you!
try mystic river.
heard it's good. but hmmm think it's already not screening already here.
how's muholland drive?
take tis time to recoup and enjoy the life there eh... singapore too hectic.
melbourne life is so slow!!! hahahahaha
even the fast food here is slow!! ( and expensive )
i miss the hotdoggie!
O_O ur hair can 'clap' one anot... ;p
not so long yet lar!! hahahahaha will grow more fur and will show you ok ?
hey boy boy... how's aussie? fun fun?
"my life has been stolen from me"

what dya think ?
hi monkey....
dun always sigh leh..
be happy!!!

change... shld be good lor. anw.. no pics of the hair?
hahaha no personal computer so cannot post pics..
soon soon ah
I still have friends in Melbourne.. u want me to intro intro..?
yeah yeah yeah intro leh!! intro leh!!! i need friends!!!!