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The wind, crisp, cold, wandering.
The heart, lukewarm, lonely, heavy.
Exploring this exciting new realms with uncertainty.

My heart is still with my friends.

The familiar smell.
The familiar cars.
The familiar taste.
The familiar way.

I miss you.

i am supposed to be centro360 today! shucks
p.s. i did not sms all my friends!!!
and p.s. i dunno how to sms to you cos i smsed a few times in sg to you but you never return lor!!!

err... paiseh paiseh.... I didnt recv ur sms. What is ur oversea number or are u still holding to ur Singapore number?

i am now holding on to a prepaid no. but think very lousy one. when i get a permanent no. i will let you guys know okie??? finally got to metalicunt. she v busy and still the same haha
Are you referring to Kevin Wong? Send my regards to him. Rgds