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The wind, crisp, cold, wandering.
The heart, lukewarm, lonely, heavy.
Exploring this exciting new realms with uncertainty.

My heart is still with my friends.

The familiar smell.
The familiar cars.
The familiar taste.
The familiar way.

I miss you.

i am supposed to be centro360 today! shucks
Hey!! I understand exactly how you feel. The quiet streets (so not used to it initially), all the caucasian faces and unfamiliar sounds, sights and smells. I can only say it takes time to get used to it, to move on and make new friends. There'll always be times when your mind drifts back to Singapore and esp your friends. It's only natural. Don't worry Yeepin, you'll do fine. I believe it. :p You might even just love the place so much you won't want to come back here!! :)
i can understand why people will like living there..
but there is one thing i am sure...

nothing beats my friends back in singapore and that is where my heart is
oh bobo i miss you .... =(
i miss playing mj with you hahaha
*pats head* I understand. :) Really. It's always this case...when something isn't there, you realise how precious it is. We take the little things (in this case the comfort of home and friends) for granted.

Don't worry, give yourself time to get used to it. I took one semester to stop missing my friends too much. Of course I'm not saying I didn't miss them throughout my 2 years there. HAHA.

MIss you Yeepin..:) No more KTV with you..*sob*
i suppose i will need one semester here as well to stop missing you guys sooo much. but still will miss lar hhahahaha anyway when i come back in june/july hopefully you must go ktv with me ok ? hee