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The wind, crisp, cold, wandering.
The heart, lukewarm, lonely, heavy.
Exploring this exciting new realms with uncertainty.

My heart is still with my friends.

The familiar smell.
The familiar cars.
The familiar taste.
The familiar way.

I miss you.

i am supposed to be centro360 today! shucks
i was oso thinking of u b4 u sms me last 9.. awww.. miss u2..
u shd njoy now b4 ur school terms officially starts darling..

& dun worry.. v fast sam & roy will b meetin up with u.. but no me.. sob sob.. aug k.. u promised me... im looking 4ward 2 tat..
i got no money to go sydney lar... so most prob i will only catch ah roy lor.
actually it might not even be august. if every thing goes better, i might even be back in june.. =P

take care jazminda!
ok ok.. save & study hard ya..!!
eh... saw ur pic in tis month juice magazine...
eh?? *blush*
ugly la..
nah... u look good! :)
hai yo.. so many ppl saw loh.. so pai seh..
luckily i saw before i left... i think you look chios chios armanis!
ahahaha.. wat a term.. newly invented by monkey benny..!!
hee hee monkey benny misses chios chios jasminda
moi misses u 2..!!