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The wind, crisp, cold, wandering.
The heart, lukewarm, lonely, heavy.
Exploring this exciting new realms with uncertainty.

My heart is still with my friends.

The familiar smell.
The familiar cars.
The familiar taste.
The familiar way.

I miss you.

i am supposed to be centro360 today! shucks
nothing ventured, nothing gained...
it used to be WN b4 Centro so its just relative.
not really
it was escalating, the effect actually.
WN is erm... really bad now comparatively
anyway has flashypink passed ya the phone? i called her yesterday already. so sorry for the delay... =(
its ok. she needs you to confirm first.
so now I'll wait for her to call.

We had to tell his mom already anyway.
i already confirmed with her few days ago... sorry cos i was kinda uncontactable,
so wat did his mom says?