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The wind, crisp, cold, wandering.
The heart, lukewarm, lonely, heavy.
Exploring this exciting new realms with uncertainty.

My heart is still with my friends.

The familiar smell.
The familiar cars.
The familiar taste.
The familiar way.

I miss you.

i am supposed to be centro360 today! shucks
u'll get used to it yah... :)
but i can't stop thing abt last friday nite in singapore
abt my hotdoggie
abt cold mountain
abt my friends
sigh sigh sigh

nothing ventured, nothing gained...
it used to be WN b4 Centro so its just relative.
not really
it was escalating, the effect actually.
WN is erm... really bad now comparatively
anyway has flashypink passed ya the phone? i called her yesterday already. so sorry for the delay... =(
i was oso thinking of u b4 u sms me last 9.. awww.. miss u2..
u shd njoy now b4 ur school terms officially starts darling..

& dun worry.. v fast sam & roy will b meetin up with u.. but no me.. sob sob.. aug k.. u promised me... im looking 4ward 2 tat..
i got no money to go sydney lar... so most prob i will only catch ah roy lor.
actually it might not even be august. if every thing goes better, i might even be back in june.. =P

take care jazminda!
familiar smell? hmm... and centro360? don't mention that word!!! arghs...

*covers ears, runs, stops, convulses, dies*
OMG!!! i managed to even grab the computer for awhile to reply my comments!!!

::offers sacrifice::
dun worry... I'll see u in a week's time. And we can trot down to Market or Peel ;)
OMG!!! you coming over? for hol or work???!!! oh dear hey before you come you call me yeah? will pass you my tel. phone then....
so happy when you smsed loh..
i really wish i could go Melb with my own money and find you..(due for a holiday anyways..)
but in the meantime, dun cheemeng too much
huh? what is cheemeng...
hee hee i miss you mah so sms you mah... hee hee one sms very expensive leh hahaha
when you free you can sms me too ok ? i am still using my sg hp.
go buy more 4d and toto ok ? come back to kor kor
sob sob. no sms from u.
*sniff sniff*

the grouchy chihuahua has returned!
!!!!!!!! i returned your v day sms!!! you didnt receive ah??


but i cant see you !!
Hey!! I understand exactly how you feel. The quiet streets (so not used to it initially), all the caucasian faces and unfamiliar sounds, sights and smells. I can only say it takes time to get used to it, to move on and make new friends. There'll always be times when your mind drifts back to Singapore and esp your friends. It's only natural. Don't worry Yeepin, you'll do fine. I believe it. :p You might even just love the place so much you won't want to come back here!! :)
i can understand why people will like living there..
but there is one thing i am sure...

nothing beats my friends back in singapore and that is where my heart is
oh bobo i miss you .... =(
i miss playing mj with you hahaha
hello ben ben :) how warped now we are both overseas and pining for home haha
I'm also at oversea hor!!! We are in the same boat!!! Sighed!!!
u'll soon get used to it.... i'm afraid of one thing though. one day, we'll be forgotten. =X that's what happened between my best frn n I. He's in Wellington now. been 2 yrs since we last contacted each other.
hmm dun worry
i will not forget you alrite? =)
Hmmmm no smsed from you also....
we went to centro yesterday after a wedding and with a couple of the wedding guests. Then it hit me that you werent be there and since u wont be there, neither will the rest be. It was so....uncrowded. hmm.
i thought you guys are with jasmine mah so i smsed her and ask her if you guys at centro and sent my regards mah.. heh heh
sms VERY expensive =(
hee hee i will know what to do lar..
monkey doesnt show favouritism hahahaha

Give urself time to get use to everything and adapt to the environment. *Sob* you messaged all friends except me!!!

p.s. i did not sms all my friends!!!
and p.s. i dunno how to sms to you cos i smsed a few times in sg to you but you never return lor!!!

:-) slowly la .. takes time to settle down and grow roots. first few weeks are the hardest. HUGS
you better come over here and make things easier for me!!! heh heh
you going to mardi gras?