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I have finally Failed... after 3 months

one packet of maggi mee
4 sausages
and one bread with peanut butter

all after 12am
yeah.. eat well, sleep well, exercise well..that makes a healthy yubin, a good looking bengy. cheers... i m hungry. urgh. i want your maggi mee, i want your sausages.. there's practically nothing over here for me to eat?!
yeah yeah who is this? WHo wants my sausages???
yeah..i want your sausages! U have a unopened can of it???
you're too skinny anyway... when are we gong to have more "chocolate decadence"s at haagen daaz? :-p
yeah man...who's the guy who wants your piece of meat hmm? heheh
anyway a packet of maggi mee and 4 sausages is so not gonna make you gain any weight so whatcah worrying about?!
Haha... i am not sure yet...
well, i love maggi mee and i gave it up for like 3 months because it really does gives you love handles...
and i am NOT going to eat the CHOCOLATE decadance with Cowie

No choice.. single must maintain my mean machine
Was more paranoid than u about keeping lean, mean and muscular?!?!?1 hahahah the end verdict was pretty much a disappointment.... more like a nightmare SO. Rem. Eat while u r still growing and healthy and alive.... Just exercise regularly.... and MODERATELY!!!!!11
Haha yeah true...
but still, when you have been restraining your appetite for so long you will just go crazy and eat and eat haha...

thanks anyway... btw do i know you ?