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Chasing Life
Looking for Love

Sometimes it's just right in front of you.
i agree....hey, how cum so many people are still awake???
hey hello... i just cant sleep.. listening to sappy love songs thus this feeling post haha
Ah. Love songs are crap unless you are in love...or trying to be masochistic.
speaking of love... got date this saturday??
oui be in aussie!
ooh... for good or on holiday? how cum dunno?!
(Deleted comment)
I miss Honjin... =(
(Deleted comment)
Wait... are you bitch that I'm fat or that it's my fat that you're fat? =P

How much weight you've lost? Got people around you take care of you
what, how can lose weight? My meals for the past six months has been
more or less pasta and baked breaded chicken.

Bring all your kids to Honjin lah~! (Including Werd, plus1, stiffie, gidgid etc etc)
You can easily afford it!

sigh... miss you too. >:(
sorry for late reply?
tuesday dinner or wednesday lunch?
Or in your case, over in the UK. =PP