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Dogville is not a cry of rage against America but against all mankind.

Nothing short of breathtaking and mind-provoking. A brilliant tale of intellectual awakening!

At least this is something that I have achieved this week that makes me happy and contented, especially my new phone just took a dip in a pool of vodka yesterday night.

!!!: Can anyone get me the premiere tix for Cold Mountain on Wednesday 10/02/04

Modes of payment negotiable. I really am very desperate. VERY desperate.
very bad luck lor this year lor it's really not my fault.
my stupid fren accidentally poured alcohol onto it, she did offer to pay lar. but i am too pai seh also to accept a full payment.
fixed it from sony ericsson. cost me 100+ bucks for the bloody lcd, luckily the other parts are not corroded

oei, who's who?